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Maintaining Earth’s health and well-being for current and future generations requires smarter, more sustainable solutions for handling its natural resources and the transformation of these resources into consumable goods. Bon Vivant Organics helps businesses to partner with its community of exceptional organic and biodynamic farmers who cultivate the finest raw materials to create premium semi-finished and finished products. Our goal is to enable businesses to create and promote better quality products while reducing the negative impact on our environment.



Bon Vivant Organics offers premium end-to-end sourcing solutions to help businesses promote and create sustainable high quality products.


Sourcing premium raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods through our community of exceptional organic and biodynamic farmers. Continuous interaction and regular visits to the farms allow us to build genuine relationships with our farmers so we understand their working conditions and production processes.


Coordinating the most efficient and cost effective passage of goods from the farm to the customer’s door, while ensuring quality is not compromised and our customers’ priorities are met.


Helping to grow our customers’ businesses through strategic or development projects within our community of farmers. Our close relationships on both sides allow us to match our customers’ business needs with our farmers’ capabilities and interests.



Trusted partnerships with our community of exceptional organic and biodynamic farmers allows us to uphold our values of sustainability, accountability and transparency. The business has been created with the intent to help solve the environmental challenge of maintaining a sustainable lifestyle, focusing on how we can help businesses create better quality products while reducing the negative impact on our environment.


Sustainable sourcing is vital to safeguarding the ongoing health of our environment and society. They are inextricably connected. Our organic and biodynamic farmers are committed to the preservation of the environment and use agricultural practices and create products that reflect this commitment. We, together with our farmers, consider nature at the heart of all our decisions. Decision making is holistic, consequent and long-term.


We are a trusted partner with genuine relationships with our community of farmers and stand by our word to provide you the best sustainable sourcing solution. While building these relationships is a slow process, it is the investment needed to protect the well-being of the environment and our customers. We act responsibly and with integrity.


With great vision and ambition, our farmers have made critical investments in their farms and facilities so they can control the entire process from planting the seed in the earth to final packaging. When they are unable to do a part of the process, this task is handed carefully to selected local artisans. For our product offering, we have a complete overview of the entire production process.


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